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Oaks Montessori School
Montessori Education: Celebrating a Legacy PDF Print


The Montessori community continues to celebrate a revolution in education.  In San Lorenzo, Rome, on the 6th of January 1907, Dr. Maria Montessori began to explore the true nature of childhood through extensive scientific observation.  We proudly recognized a century of great work inspired by her discoveries and are in the middle of another decade of continuous service using her principles.

Montessorians across the globe are participating in a universal social movement that places children at the center of society, recognizing them as citizens of the world.  A climate of opinion and opportunities has been created for the full development of the potential of all young people so that humanity may work in harmony for a higher and more peaceful civilization.

Dr. Montessori began her project in 1907, which transpired in the first Casa dei Bambini (Children's House) that grew into a worldwide educational movement.  In 1977, Teri Bickham, founder and Headmistress of Oaks Montessori School, began to carry on the legacy in Hammond.  After teaching at the first Children's House in the area, she expanded the Montessori programs on the northshore by founding Oaks Montessori School.  Since its inception in 1987, Oaks has become the Montessori World Educational Institute's teacher education site for the state of Louisiana.  It is the only Montessori school in Tangipahoa Parish meeting the needs of students primary through elementary school (ages 2 years, 9 months - 12 years and beyond).

Montessori education principles are rooted in a social movement intended to champion the cause of all children, in all strata of society, of all races and ethnic backgrounds within and beyond educational institutions.  At Oaks, the education is based on helping the natural development of the human being.  Children learn at their own pace and follow their own individual interests.  Learning is based on the fact that physical exploration and cognition are linked.  The teachers work in collaboration with the children.  The multi-age classrooms enhance the working and learning that is matched to the social development of the child.

Oaks Montessorians serve as advocates for the children--championing the rights of the child in society.