Admissions Print

OMS has a non-discriminatory admissions policy for children who are 2 1/2-12 years of age.  Each prospective student is required to be interviewed by the Headmistress or Directress of the specific class.  A class ratio of approximately 10 to one adult is maintained.  Parents desiring to register their children for enrollment should contact the school office (985-345-8088) and make an appointment to observe our classrooms in action.  You will then be given an application for enrollment, and a date and time may be arranged for your child's visit (interview).  There is a $35.00 fee payable preceding the interview.  (This fee is non-refundable and does not apply to the tuition.)

Those accepted for enrollment are required to pay a $200 registration fee.  This deposit assures your child a space in our school.  The deposit is, however, non-refundable.